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Adsense – Another Subtle Change!

As a long-term Adsense publisher, we have of course witnessed many of the changes which have taken place in the Adsense program. As we all know, the heady days of making huge amounts of cash through the Adsense program have largely disappeared. Although of course, there are several ways still available, through which excellent returns can be made.

But it does seem over the years that things have been getting more difficult for publisher. Most long-term Adsense publishers will remember the days when there was no such thing as a separate content bid. There was once a time when we were allowed to use pictures next to our adverts to enhance click through rates and then this policy changed.

Suddenly out of the blue, something else has changed and I have to say that it is extremely subtle. If you take any normal Adsense block is an example, much of it used to be a hot area where if a surfer held his mouse pointer over much of the Adsense block, this area became clickable.

However, this has now changed! If you check your own Adsense blocks, you will find that the only two areas that are now clickable, are the link itself and the URL. What this means is that presumably most publishers click through rate will go down as of course will their revenue, because now the casual surfer has too be far more purposeful and accurate in his or her desire to click on a particular advert or link.

A subtle change I am sure we will agree, but nevertheless one which will adversely affect the revenues of most if not all Adsense publishers.

Having said/written that, the new system is probably fairer to the surfer and the buyer and that’s what counts.