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Another Story Of Broken Promises-Courtesy Of Joel Comm

Joel-commI’m sure that many of our readers will be familiar with the name of Joel Comm.  He is most famous for his books and courses on Google Adsense.  He has also made his fortune through the same medium.  It’s true to say that he is very well respected as an online Internet marketer.

Many months ago earlier this year, I bought the DVD course under the name of the next Internet Marketing Millionaire.  On the surface of it, it seemed to be an excellent purchase.  So I must admit that I was full of anticipation awaiting its arrival.  And on the day it arrived, I could not wait to put the first DVD into my DVD player.  Imagine my disappointment, when throughout the first DVD most of the sound was inaudible and indeed had to be backed up by sub titles. 

My immediate reaction was to think is this amateur hour?  In fact the sound was so bad, I could not really understand what was going on.  Anyway, undeterred I moved on to the next video or should I say DVD, to view the presentation by a famous Internet marketer called Armand Morin. 

Once again, I had to question whether this was amateur hour again?  Each time the presenter pointed towards his power points, the camera would veer away and focus on some bored attendee, or the logo on someone else’s Hacker Safe T Shirt.

By this time I had had enough.  When an attendee asked a question, it could not be heard.  So all in all, I learned nothing from the presentation.  At this point, I wrote to Joel Comm’s support department and they expressed horror and dismay about my complaints. 

Full marks to them, they offered an immediate full and unconditional refund of the product costs and the shipping.  Naturally, given the nature of my complaints, I took this to be shipping the product back as well, in particular as they had not stipulated outbound shipping only.

Anyway, I packed up the goods ready to ship back to them and suddenly out of the blue, they reneged on their commitment to refund shipping both ways.  By then, I had already shipped the goods back to them.  I wrote several e-mails to advise them of what they had committed to in their e-mails.  This was ignored.

Concerned that I would not get our money back, I complained to the Colorado Chamber Of Commerce who registered my complaint and more importantly the Better Business Bureau.  They took up my complaint immediately and after several weeks managed to persuade Joel Comm’s InfoMedia Inc to pay out what was due.  All in all, it took several months to get back our money. 

It was quite disgraceful really, considering the fact that on Joel Comm’s blog, he makes a point of criticising others’ poor service – usually airlines’ service!  We would suggest that he looks closer to home first, before he criticises the poor services of others. 

We were shocked and amazed that we had to involve the Better Business Bureau to get satisfaction from his company.  It says a lot really about the apparent lack of concerned management in this company.  It says even more, that the Better Business Bureau had to write to InfoMedia Inc several times before they got any kind of response.

Always stick to your guns when it comes to refunds! I have to say I was very impressed with the way that the Better Business Bureau got on to the case and got me what was due to me. Without them, I would have stood no chance, I am sure. Shame we don’t have the BBB system here in the UK!