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BlogRush From The Legendary John Reese

I’m sure that anyone writing a blog has heard of the brand new blog referral system – for want of a better phrase -from John Reese. Anyone who knows anything about Internet marketing or is indeed in any way associated to Internet marketing, will know the almost legendary status of John Reese.

Amongst his incredibly successful products was the groundbreaking training course called Traffic Secrets, which made John Reese $1 million in a day (on launch day)! It was a lesson for everyone in how to launch a product properly and not only this, but to provide an excellent product offering superb value for money.

So it goes without saying that any new product from John Reese is liable to get most Internet marketers’ immediate attention. The new release I’m talking about is BlogRush. The whole concept seems to have caught on like wildfire throughout the blogging community. Indeed we ourselves have applied to go on the network.

But something caught our surprise the other day! Now it’s not usual to see any Internet marketing guru challenge another guru, in particular when it comes down to the efficacy of his particular product – least of all, in public. After all, when it comes to product launches, they all seem to need each other to maximise their profits and convince their lists that the product they are promoting carries their endorsement.

It’s a practice which I personally do not like.

And we touched on this matter in other postings. It’s really quite irritating to get several e-mails about the same product from several different people, but written in the same words. You know full well that the person concerned has no idea if the product is any good or not and yet just to make money, he’s quite prepared to endorse a product sight unseen. I have long ago learned to discard such e-mails immediately. Anyway I digress.

I was shocked to read that uber tester and multi talented Internet marketer, Jonathan Leger had actually come out completely against BlogRush and stated quite categorically that the program did not deliver the results that he had expected.

Of course, Jonathan being a tester that he is, produced the results to prove his point and the results were crystal clear. He was clearly giving more than he was receiving in terms of credits within the system and as a result he has removed BlogRush from his blog. It should be said, that the article was written in a very constructive way and I’m sure that John Reese, being a talented individual that he is, will no doubt make the necessary improvements in the system to make it work more effectively.

But I must say, it was quite refreshing to see a Guru such as Jonathan Leger take such an open and constructively critical view of another top internet marketers product.