Welcome to Internet Marketing 247!

Well we finally succumbed to starting a blog! Long overdue as many would say. So what are we about at Internet marketing 247? Well we have been doing web site development, search engine optimisation, copywriting, Internet marketing and of course affiliate marketing since 1997.

It’s been fascinating to see over all these years how the Internet has evolved and developed at warp speed! Making money on the Internet many years ago used to be a breeze. How this has changed so quickly and so radically over the last few years. No doubt a lot of this is due to the fact that the search engines have become more savvy, but in addition to this there are many, many more people online who are trying to make money using the same or similar methods.

In the early years of course, moneymaking on the Internet used to be the preserve of Americans and Canadians. Following them, where the British, the Australians and Singaporeans. So much has changed since then and making money on the Internet has become a truly global phenomenon, which has presented many more challenges to seasoned Internet marketers such as ourselves.

As anyone who is in this market will know, the subject of making money on the Internet has become truly saturated and as a result we have all been forced to look at other avenues of making money, of which there are many — and that is the beauty of the Internet! There are just so many ways to make money through this amazing medium.

So we intend to use this blog to write about general Internet marketing and other related subjects. If we find a piece of software that we like, we will let you know. If we find an affiliate program or an e-book which we particularly like, we will of course let you know. However, we do intend to express opinions about other matters as well — some of which might be somewhat controversial.

As much as there are many positive things about this amazing industry, there are several negative things as well. People who are veterans of this industry will know very well what we are writing about, but people who are new to the industry may well be unaware and we intend to help them wherever possible. In fact, for our second article we discuss the merits of the 2020 challenge by Michael Green and the role of certain super affiliates in the promotion of it.

We certainly hope that you will enjoy reading out blog and please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions! To your success!